"It's more fun to be a Pirate than to join the Navy"

- Steve Jobs -


We are a development lab located in Saigon, launched by pirates who are really passionate about building as well as breaking things. We love to work with individuals and businesses to turn ideas into prototypes and working products.


  • UI/UX
  • Mock-ups, Wireframes
  • Design, Branding, Identity


  • RoR, iOS, Android
  • Agile Development
  • Continous UAT


  • Sharing
  • People
  • Events


At Silicon Straits Saigon, we integrate user experience, product strategy & system design to build mobile & web products for individuals & businesses.

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Transition to iOS 7
SSS New Office

Estimating how much work will be required to support both new and legacy platforms.

Mobile Porfolio

Imagine building an app like build a rocket

Hello, this is our namecard
Why we do what we do

"Hey, it looks like a namecard!". THAT was the Eureka moment for us, the rest is history.

Turn ideas into reality

We turn your ideas into reality, delivering eceptional software with robust engineering, lean thinking and inspired design.


James Chan

Kent Nguyen

Bui Hai An

We are a team of equal contributors who speak openly and honestly with clients, and who take the practice of transparency so seriously that we work in an office with glass walls. We share successes as a team, and we test until work is perfect. We can show where our time goes, and more importantly, what our time creates.

Kent Nguyen

Jack of All Trade

Kent Nguyen is a Veteran Web and iOS application developer with a valuable experience in IT Management.


Kent Nguyen

Blog of Kent Nguyen

Hai An


Not that good in writing codes but can hack around and passionately debug other people's code.


Bui Hai An

bui hai an's notes

Hoang Viet


I know nothing about absolutely everything.

Nguyen Hoang Viet

Thai Son

System Builder a.k.a Back End Guy

Thai Son is a hard-core web developer who can build from a ground up any web framework.

Doan Tran Thai Son

Duc Vinh

Lord of QWERTY

Tech savvy, passionate developer who want to create the next great framework.

Bach Sy Duc Vinh

Minh Danh

Terminal Cowboy

I have deep concerns for democracy. So I make things secured.

Ngo Minh Danh

Tat Trung

Dev, QC, UX

I love to use fancy and quality softwares, that's why I love making them too.

Luong Tat Trung

Minh Cuong


Code what you like and like what you code :]]

Pham Minh Cuong

Dinh Khoi

Web Developer

Programming primarily in PHP/Rails and Javascript. Loving OOP. Know each things a bit: Linux, Photoshop, English, Accounting, Cooking.

Vu Dinh Khoi


Where we are :

147 Ton Dat Tien Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
+ 84 8 6271 8255
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